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System Implementation

System support to ensure a smooth transition

William Russell had already selected the Nordic Insurance Software to replace their previous system, but this was a large and complex project so they needed help and support with the implementation.

How did we help?

We called on key areas of knowledge and experience to provide extensive support to the project:

  • Experience in the Insurance sector meant that we already had a very good understanding of the potential issues and, more importantly, how to solve them
  • Business Analysis skills allowed us to work closely with the client to understand their business processes and how the software fits in with those.
  • Detailed knowledge of the software meant that we were able to suggest ways in which it could be utilised to create efficiencies in processes
  • Understanding the technical aspects of the software allowed us to bridge the gap between the business and the software provider to interpret requirements and translate them into solutions which really worked for the business.
  • A structured but flexible approach to the project gave the client confidence that all aspects had been thoroughly investigated.  Supporting documentation has meant that they have been able to continue to maintain the system without needing to rely on external support

Post Project Support

Since completing the project, we have continued to support William Russell with site visits and telephone support to provide training for the team who now look after the system.  We have also been involved in further system upgrades, running user testing and assisting with configuration.


How can we help with your project?

We have assisted other clients with evaluating and implementing software to ensure that the benefits are fully realised.  We bring the benefit of being totally independent so will be able to source the best solution which fits with your business and processes.

What the client said...

Shirley Moreman of GSTM Solutions has provided us with a key resource in the implementation of our new software package.  Working closely with our staff, Shirley has applied her wealth of experience to developing a strong understanding of our business needs and processes, and has helped us to get the most out of the system through design and implementation of practical solutions.  We would not hesitate to recommend Shirley to other clients who need a professional, experienced and self-motivated resource for projects..

                                                                                                                                                                                                         William Russell Project Team

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